Tân Design is a branding and design studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We build identity systems. And yes, we love what we do.

Our Services
+ Apparel Design
+ Brand Strategy
+ Creative Direction
+ Content Creation
+ Digital Design
+ Editorial Design
+ Event and Campaign
+ Identity Systems
+ Print and Publishing
+ Signage and Exhibition
+ Spatial Design


We make the complex, simple. We build the brand from a strong strategic foundation. We work together to help you shape your personal story and grow your brand and business with engaging and meaningful design solutions.  Our passion is to connect the brand to its audience. We humanise brands and translate this into an effective strategy, powerful identity and memorable experience. Because not only do you want your audience to take action, you want them to fall in love with your brand.
Our Process


From positioning to messaging and identity design —our approach ensures that every part of your brand is precisely what it should be. We’ll not only know what to make, we’ll know why we are building it. Every project is different. Nevertheless, we use the same framework for every project: Discovery, Design and Launch. A method that has proven itself in practice. It provides clarity, alignment and control over the creative process, so our collaborative efforts lead to maximum results.
  Exploration & Alignment
Let’s start digging! Before we can design, we need to explore. In this phase we look into the direction in which the brand should be moving. Discover and learn more about your business and culture. Strategy is essential for creating, developing and managing a brand. We hold workshops with clients in order to reach the right insights. We map out your brand values and goals and create alignment and focus for the whole team. It answers questions like: Who are you? What makes you special? Who are your customers and why should they care?



  Concept & Development
Time to bring your brand to life! Based on the insights and direction we make the translation to a strong visual identity that emphasize your company’s vision and brand values. With its own unique character, look ‘n feel, tone of voice and style. We structure a visual language so we can apply it to the key deliverables across all channels. We believe that simplicity, sustainability and function leads to effective results for our clients. A great brand is easy to talk about and more importantly: easy to understand. Let’s tell your story the way it should be told: from the heart.



  Activation & Implementation
Get ready for lift off! From pre-production to post-production, we’ll guide you every step of the way, to ensure it maintains the highest of standards. We build guidelines for your brand’s identity and help you activate and manage it across all platforms relevant to your audience. Innovative and impactful solutions: translated and ready for implementation. Create experiences, build awareness, grow loyalty and increase sales. Training, inspiring and engaging your brand champions internally and externally so you expand your reach and grow your business.



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