InfinAgora BV was a promising international startup, located in WTC Rotterdam. It provided an international Trade Platform that brings an all-in-one set of tools for the modern decision maker trying to convert real connections into real transactions. Through the platform, you as a member can connect to millions of businesses and existing networks in a single, secure, efficient and easy to use Trade Platform. The company needed to raise more brand awareness and grow more lead generation.



In ancient Greece, the Agora was the heartbeat of every city-state: a place for doing business and thinking big. It stood for enterprise, democracy and ingenuity. Now, those defining principles are at the heart of a new business community. One that uses smart, trusted technology to create a new focal point for world trade and investments. It was developing an online marketplace for executives. Together with the in-house marketing and design team we developed the brand identity, messaging and website for the company. Welcome to a new way of doing business. InfinAgora – the infinite marketplace. Make trade happen! We raised a lot of buzz in the national media. Unfortunately, due to management difficulties, the company went into bankruptcy after one year.


cd: Ap Mollinga


Infinagora B.V.


Digital Design, Identity Design