Arabika Diensten


Arabika is a translation bureau specialized in Arabic and most common European languages. They also provide other services like consultancy, legislation, visa, transcriptions, education and much more. They started in Rotterdam as an independent, family-owned business and grew into an international company with offices all over the country as well as outside like in Belgium, Spain and Marocco. Over the last 20 years, they have built up a strong and loyal customer base. They offer excellent personalized customer service coupled with industry expertise and know-how at very competitive rates.



The company outgrew their image. Their goals and communication applications weren’t clear so they ran the risk of wasting a tremendous amount of resources. The brand, logo and identity no longer reflected who they are. Not only that, but there were also technical and legal reasons that were compelling them to change. 



It was a pivotal moment for us to work together. Strategy is essential for creating, developing and managing a brand. We held workshops with the key stakeholders in order to reach the right insights. We defined clear goals, simplify and focus their message. Together, we looked at their brand architecture and the different entities that exist within the brand. We created a new identity that reflected their brand. We also looked at innovative IT solutions for automation within the company to speed up different processes. The rebranding effort was a success, because it helped a new demographic access their product and services. We still maintain a partnership to keep the momentum. Projects range from identity design, website, digital marketing, signage and wayfinding.


Arabika Diensten


Brand Strategy, Branding, Identity Design