Arabika Taal


Arabika Taal is a language institute with a great deal of experience in the field of language education, educational programs and guidance to the labor market. 



The company outgrew their image. Their goals and communication applications weren’t clear so they ran the risk of wasting a tremendous amount of resources. The brand, logo and identity no longer reflected who they are. It was time to give the old brand a refesh and apply it to all the marketing tools. 



We created a new identity that fits their brand values such as clarity, education and openness. We translated our strategy to actionable targets, a content calender and alignment with their team and budget. We also looked at innovative IT solutions for automation within the company to speed up different processes. Projects range from identity design, website, digital marketing, signage and wayfinding.


Arabika Taal, Arabika Diensten


Branding, Digital Design, Identity Design